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My Very First Comic Book Signing

So I had a signing for Zombies Calling at Strange Adventures yesterday, and it was pretty wild. And by "wild" I mean that line is actually real, not a photoshop cheat or people mistakenly lining up for the new Celine Dion album or something. You guys, it was so cool. I didn't even know if people would come, but I guess the combination of free weekend parking and that nice article in The Coast really helped, and this giant pile of books? ALL GONE. Okay, there are eight books left, or were when I left the store, and I'll need to pick up a few copies myself, for folks who weren't able to make the signing... so pretty much? ALL GONE. Man, I was so scared that SA wouldn't be able to unload them too, and I'd be responsible for the downfall of a nice local business, but no, fears went unfounded, and everything was very lovely, and thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came. At one point I did get stuck in a loop and couldn't seem to stop yelling "WOLF BLITZER!" but other than that, I think I did okay. Here's another picture (all taken by my friend Joe).

Things to learn: how to do nicer sketches faster, while people are watching, and also how to do them straight with ink, because I just can't do that yet. I'm too messy. I need the pencil lines there to guide me. The people at the beginning (luckily mostly my friends, so they'll forgive me) got some pretty wobbly sketches, but I was getting a little better by the end of the session. It was actually incredible how fast it all went by... I just drew and talked with people and them looked at my watch, and it was past 4 pm. It was fun asking people what else they like to read, 'cause, y'know, I like to know where the crossovers are. Quite a few people said they read my online comics, and a few requested sketches of D101 or Ice characters, which was really cool. Hurrah for the internets! And I conned a couple of people into doing doodles in my sketchbook, so that was nice too.

Towards the end of the signing Strange Adventure's owner said ZC was the fastest selling book they'd ever had, which is so great, for both them and me (again, y'know, my fears of them not being able to unload their stock blah blah blah). And at the end of the day I got to hang out a bit and talk about comics, which is always fun. I don't get to do that enough, really. And Rachelle, who works at the store, gave ZC a really nice review here. I drew her as a zombie.

In short, thank you so much everyone for coming. Thank you to my friends and co-workers who came and supported me, thank you to my online readers who also came and supported me, thank you to The Coast for that great and timely plug, and the biggest thank you goes to everyone at Strange Adventures for really pulling out the stops in making my very first signing experience a really bloody great one.

Oh, and one final note: I picked up the new trade of Paris yesterday, and Simon Gane is my new artistic Jesus. Dear lord, is his work beautiful. I'll have to find him and eat his brain.


I wish I could have gone. :( I had to work.
Y'know, if you want a signed one, ask SA to put one aside, and I'll scribble in it when I come by. I drew in a few like that yesterday. :)
Big congrats!!!
I'm hoping to be at the Beguiling signing. Hopefully, I can make it. Congrats on the signing, and the success of ZC!
Sounds like the event was a smashing success. :) Wow, I wish I could have been there. And it looks like a nice store, too. Congratulations!
It's a very cool store. ^_^ BTW, you still want me to pick you up a book, right? Just email me with the address where I should ship it... faitherin AT yahoo.com
Did Chris already announce that..? But cool, it'll be great to see you there. I'll practice my sketchin'.
Yep, Chris announced it on Friday.

"Meet Svetlana Chmakova (DRAMACON VOL 3) and Faith Erin Hicks (ZOMBIES CALLING) at The Beguiling!


Featuring Svetlana Chmakova and Faith Erin Hicks
Wednesday, December 19th, 4pm-6pm
The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street, @ Bathurst Subway

The Beguiling is proud to celebrate the release of two new graphic novels by Canadian authors Svetlana Chmakova and Faith Erin Hicks! These writer/artists have crafted two fantastic new works, and they’ll be signing books from 4pm-6pm at The Beguiling, Canada’s foremost authority on comics and graphic novels.

Svetlana Chmakova is the author of the series DRAMACON, a world-manga titled published by Los Angeles-based TOKYOPOP. December will see the release of the third and final volume in this series about young comics creators trying to break into the manga publishing industry, and DRAMACON VOLUME 3 promises to be an explosive send-off!

Faith Erin Hicks is a long-time creator of webcomics and self-published mini-comics. ZOMBIES CALLING is her first graphic novel, a book-length tale of hardcore zombie movie fanatics who become trapped in a real zombie attack. You’ve never seen a ‘spork’ do so much damage! ZOMBIES CALLING is published by San Jose-based publisher SLG, a veteran publisher of independent voices for over 20 years.

See you on the 19th!"

I'm hoping to be there. Just got my copy of the book today, and it's great!
These pictures and post are just a huge helping of awesomesauce. Congratulations, Faith! :)


Wow! That store looks like a comic shop had a bizarre love child with a snow lodge. So much wood and heavy coats. Just need a fireplace and free hot chocolate being handed out to the people waiting in line.

It would have been so cool to be there and take in the experience. You always seem to fret over if people outside the internets will like your stuff and now you know they love you. So don't fret that shit no more. You are awesome.

Continued to test the are bookstore to see who is carrying Zombies. So far it is only looking to be Barnes and Noble. I tried Borders yesterday, but that doesn't look like something that is going to happen right now. Maybe some stores will end up testing the book in some markets to see how it sells. At least Barnes and Noble is going to stock it though. That is not shabby in the least. When they get their copies in on the 28th maybe they will let me bring my camera in to take a photo of them on the shelves for you.
Sorry, LJ kicked me offline when I posted.

Bad LJ
We all have our fears, founded or unfounded. :) Nobody wants to throw a party and have no one come... I heard that happened to George Lucas once.

The store is really great, and they have the best selection. Tons of graphic novels, and lots of indie stuff. Plus a really nice staff. I wish all comic book stores were like that. Granted, I do find the store a bit claustrophobic, especially if there's lots of people around, but hey, I can hack it.


I want to take a look at the action figures that show up in that glass shelf from the photos. I am always looking to hunt down Transformer figures where I can find them. And as nice as the comic store I go to is, I can't find much European comics around here. I don't care about the stories. But I love some of the really animated art styles in some.
I swear to Zombie Jesus that I am going to kill LJ for booting me everytime I make a post.
That place is pretty awesome. It is probably one of the most eclectic comic shops I have seen. There seems to be a really wide mix of tastes being catered to. I come for the comics, but I stay for the toys. Give me giant robots any day of the week. The part that would have killed me was that picture where you see a photo of Chekov signed, a Hulk signed, but Lassie DOESN'T have an autograph. I will pay you a dollar to just sign it by Lassie the next time you go in.

By the way, my copy of Zombies came in early this week. I picked it up Tuesday and read it in a half hour while sitting at work. I laughed my ass off at zombie cruising speed and Zippy the Speed Ass Zombie. You managed to cover quite a bit of zombie lore. I know you mostly seemed to spawn the comic when you were pondering the wearing of high heels while running away. I didn't know you had seen that many zombie films though since they never seemed to be in your tastes. Study or have you watched all the Romero films just for fun? Either way the comic rocked. One of the guys already borrowed it from me and he damn well better give it back.
Looks like scene from _Ice_ instead of an Haligonian store in Fall.


Someone should do a Celine Dion comic. Maybe a crossover with the Incredible Hulk.


Wolf Blitzer!

Zombies Calling
I thought maybe there needed to be evidence of the Wolf Blitzer thing.

Re: Wolf Blitzer!

Hah, yeah, I've no idea what that was about! ^^ But you certainly got the most uniquely signed book. Thanks for the positive review, btw! I appreciate it.
that really kicks ass faith!

*high five for success!*
Yay! I'm glad it went well. :)
I was at The Beguiling in Toronto today, and they were totally sold out of your books. I made the trek in from Oshawa (ohhh, about 30 plus km away...) with all intentions of picking up a copy, and was shocked they were, along with the new Scott Pilgrim, sold out. So you are in great company there!!
I of course came home and ordered my copy through Chapters. I'm glad it's doing so well for you!!
Yeah, I'm so relieved people are actually buying it. I think the SP thing really helped. Thanks for ordering it!


YAY for Faith! WHOO!

Kristel ;P
It was a great signing, and it was nice to meet you, even if I had to punch my way through the hordes of other people, haha.
Hah, yeah... trust me, I wasn't expecting that. O_o But it was very cool to meet you, and to get a doodle. I suppose it was a bit rude of me to put people on the spot like that, but ... well, I'm evil. ;)
Yeah, I think that's him talking to me in the first picture. I thought he seemed a little too normal to be at a comic book store... ;)
If you ever come down to the States and plan to be in the New England area, let me know & I'll set you up with a signing at The Million Year Picnic in Cambridge, MA, USA. (I clerk there.)

Our LJ is millionyear.

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Okay, cool! I've always wanted to come to New England, and maybe next year I'll finally get the chance, 'cause I really want to go to the NY con, and NE is on the way... Anyway, we'll see. Thanks for the offer!


joy, im going to get zc for christmas, all the way in england


zombies calling!

Hi Faith! I just got my copy of Zombies Calling from Amazon.com and I ate it up (zombie style) in under an hour! It was great - the art is fantastic and I laughed out loud a couple times (finally a comic with jokes for us college students). ANYWAY, this may seem like a strange question, but how big did you draw the original comic pages? I just wondered because some of the panels are so detailed and the book itself is kind of small.

Anyway, I loved it and congrats on your print debut!


Re: zombies calling!

The original pages are really huge... most artists don't draw as big, but I felt for my first book, I wanted to show what I could do, and I draw better large. So the pages are 16.5 by 10, I think. For my next one, I'm not drawing that large. It's too expensive.
I just wanted to say that my order of ZC just got in, and I have just now finished reading it.
I've been lurking your webcomics since the trilogy and demonology days, and just thought I would say..."You're fricken awesome and I can't wait for more from you! YAY!".
I wish I could have come to the signing stuff, but alas, BC is far away.