Faith Erin Hicks, Girl Reporter (smuu) wrote,

I can have superhero comics now?

Taking a quick break from real work (it is trying to KILL me), to post something stupid: there's been a lot of talk lately about women and how they don't write/draw enough superhero comics, and how my gender is seriously under-represented within the genre, and I have to say, I'm probably part of the problem. Sadly, although I have drawn and written literally over a thousand pages of comics (mostly online, but I'm getting a few things in hardcopy), there are absolutely no superheroes within those pages, and as we all know, superhero comics are the only comics that matter. Or something, I'm not quite sure what the point was, but ... anyway, whatever! It's a problem, and I, as a woman drawing comics, shall fix it, thanks to a class I taught with my friend Leisl a few months back. We were invited to a private grade school to teach adorable children about comics, and drew our own as examples. And I drew a superhero comic.

OH MY GOD IS IT NOT THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER. ALL SHALL LOVE ME AND DESPAIR. ... I shall call her "The Tripper." Her power is the ability to trip up evil. ... huh, that sounded wrong. Anyway, enjoy. Also, I would like a billion dollars from DC Comics for this property.*

*You can assume everything above the asterisk is a joke. Srsly, kidding.
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