Faith Erin Hicks, Girl Reporter (smuu) wrote,

Animinitime & panels

I was planning for a glorious evening of scanning, but my computer froze and I had to do a hard shut down, and now my scanner seems to be furbared. SIGH. I will leave it for the night and hope it's better tomorrow. Please? D:

Here are some things:

The second panel kills me every time I look at it. I know it's stupid to laugh at your own jokes, but eyes turning into little dots cracks me up.

A panel from my Girl Comics 6-pager, which'll be out May 19th, so pick up a copy. Yes, it is a superhero comic about superheroes making snacks. And then there are explosions or something. Coloured by the lovely and talented Cris Peter. Zee colours, they are so pretty... @_@ I'm really happy with the work she did. It was really incredible.

Animinitime, Halifax's very first anime/manga convention was this past Sunday, and I had a great time taking part. Even when the G8 Protesters showed up and there were REAL guys with guns wandering around in the hotel lobby along with Solid Snake and various Keybladed Kingdom Heart-ers. That was ... weird.
A couple of my cosplay favourites:

This picture doesn't do this Zelda justice. She was SO pretty.

Want the hat.

My most epic adventure of the day happened when I spotted a copy of Fumi Yoshinaga's All My Darling Daughters in Strange Adventures' half-price manga box... and this cosplayer was flipping through it, very deliberately. I stood right behind her and stared, willing her to return it to the box. I wanted that manga. It was half-price! The cosplayer kept flipping, stopping to read a page here and there. I made horrible faces at Sandy (Cal, SA's owner's wife) who was standing behind the display table, indicating my desperation for the book. I MUST HAVE IT FOR HALF PRICE. The cosplayer kept flipping. I stared daggers, asking her with MY MIND to return the book to the box. Slowly, she started to lower it back in the box. I snatched the book, squealing. Startled, the cosplayer edged away, looking worried, but I was victorious.

Here's what else I got:

All those books for $19! Woot.

My panel was also a lot of fun. It's quite entertaining when you have the cast of Kingdom Hearts watching your powerpoint presentation about comics. Thanks to everyone who came out. I'm sure I'll be back whenever they have the show again.
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