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The Hunger Games comic

First off: Hey, the final book in The Hunger Games trilogy comes out tomorrow! If you haven't read the series, get thee to the library or bookstore, because it's pretty badass: in a future North America, the world is divided into districts, and each district is forced by the evil heads of government to send a tribute, one boy and one girl to fight to the death in the televised Hunger Games. The book follows Katniss, a 16 year old who takes the place of her sister in the Hunger Games, and things get pretty bloody from there out. It's a bit of a junior Battle Royal, but I was impressed by the spare language the book is written in. It's like Cormac McCarthy decided to write a YA novel. I had issues with the follow up, Catching Fire, but the first book was like nothing I'd ever read. I really loved it.

I wanted to do some fanart to celebrate the conclusion of the trilogy. Unfortunately I am really terrible at fanart. I just am. Ugh. I have this awful mental block when it comes to drawing someone else's characters, especially if they're for something visual, like a comic or movie. You should see my pile of rejected Avatar: The Last Airbender sketches. I draw those characters a lot, but they never end up looking right. I guess the problem is that I want them to look how they look in the official show/comic/movie/whatever, but I also want to draw them in my style, so they never end up looking the way I want. Fanart. I have such angst over it. SIGH.

Anyway, I am terrible at fanart. So I thought, what the hell, why not a fancomic for The Hunger Games? Thus I ended up doing a 5 page fancomic adapting the opening sequence of the book. ... uh, yeah. XD

You can read the whole thing here. The adaptation is only of the first couple pages of the book, and you can read those pages on the "Look Inside" on Amazon. If I had my own copy of the book, I would've chosen a bloodier action scene to draw, but I don't and the hold line at the library is 70 people long.

A couple of notes: I think adaptations of books into comics that take large sections of the original text and paste them over images are awful. So I didn't do that. I'm also sick to death of post-apocalyptic Mad Max clothing/environments. Get a new movie to ripoff, game and movie makers! What little environment/clothing there is in the fancomic I decided to ground in reality. The District 12 shot is based on some pictures of abandoned camp bunkers.

Anyway, enjoy!


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JEEZE! That's a BEAUTIFUL comic! You have dazzled me with those inks.
Thank youuuu! ^_^


Oh, wow. This is exactly how a comic adaptation should be done. You don't tell the exact things the book tells - no backstory about her and the cat, which in the book conveys so much about her- but instead you use the strengths of a comic to tell just as much, but differently! The dirty, worn out feel of the setting, her exhaustion and toughness, and she's such a spot-on Katniss! I love this and am dreaming of you someday doing the official comic adaptation!

Although I'm loving the series to pieces, I did also have some problems with Catching Fire (born nitpicker, me), so I can't help being curious what issues you had.

Anyway, wow.

I guess my issues were that in comparison with the first book, Catching Fire felt a bit rushed. And I was disappointed with how emotional Katniss was. I know that's a weird complaint to have, but I loooooved how badass and practical she was in the first book, so intent on survival and protecting her family. I was disappointed that Catching Fire seemed to focus on the love triangle of Peeta/Katniss/Gale. Other readers didn't seem to have this issue, but I don't find love triangles terribly interesting anyway, so I guess that's my problem. You have to have some evolution of character, so Katniss becoming more attached to those around her and not being so much of a survivalist made sense, but ... I just loved her so much when she was this total badass. There are so few female characters like that! Anyway, whatever. Just my opinion.
I haven't read the book yet. But I do own a copy, and plan to read it soon. (I bought it mainly because you speak so highly of it).
I LOVE this, Faith!!! I was just telling Dave yesterday how I'm surprised there's so little fanart and imagery out there associated with this book. And I'm glad you didn't do a later scene; sometimes it's nice to just set the stage and the mood, which you did beautifully. Plus I can pass this around to newbies and not feel bad about it. :)
I know, it's so weird there's so little fanart! It's such a striking book; when I read it I could picture every scene in my head, and was practically composing a comic as I read along. The imagery is AMAZING. I'd meant to do some comicy type scenes right after I read the book, but work prevented me. I'm glad I had the chance to now, because it was a lot of fun. A nice break from drawing my own comics, too. I needed a break. ^_^

Most of the fanart I've seen have been snuggly pics of Peeta and Katniss and ... uh, that is not what I want (there's a few fanart groups for the book on Deviantart). ^^ So I drew my own. Heh.
This is so great! And super helpful! I just started reading Book 1 this week and the one complaint I had was not really understanding what kind of house Katniss lived in...to what degree was her District an actual town vs. a demolished wasteland. Otherwise, I'm enjoying the book! And this is a really moody adaptation. I wonder if it will find it's way to Scholastic monitors. :)


There must be some way to get it to them. Surely, there must. I'm dying for this to become an official comic!




Those pages look outstanding. You've really captured the feel of the Hunger Game books so well. I hope you can do more. That's a great series, and your style matches it perfectly.

Also, I just picked up Brain Camp and it looks fantastic. Congrats!

Great work,

Thank youuuu! Hope you enjoy Brain Camp.
I don't know the books, myself, but I do have to say that I LOVE that you did all this introduction WITH ART ONLY. This is proof that graphic novels are a wonderfully valid form of storytelling, and that novel-to-comic adaptations don't have to be a copy-pasting of the text.

But then, you've always been good at telling the story with your drawings only, like your 24 hour comic about the robot girl showed. <3
Yeah, there's a pretty simple reason why it's art only: I don't like large blocks of descriptive text (why would you do that??? You're DRAWING what the reader is seeing!) and nobody says anything in the pages I adapted. I mean, it's kinda simple and easy to do: just take what the author is saying with their prose (easy to do in this particular case, as Suzanne Collins is a descriptive, fantastic writer) and translate that to visuals. Ta da!

... but you already knew that, I'm sure. ;) Just rambling.
aaah! this is really good! I love all the textures in the envirornments and clothes.
maan I need to read this book, don't I?
Yes. Yes you do.
This is so -gorgeous-. I love these books, and I got incredibly excited at the idea of there being a comic, and even more so if you did it! It would look so bad ass.
Yeeessss! Beautifully done, I love how much weight and mood there is in each panel. And now I'm even more super pumped to pick up the next book.
I had never heard about these books, but your adaptation has me totally into it. I think my favorite is the shot of her on the bed with the arcing shadow. Beautiful and emotive, gah, love it :)

Librarying it up at position 60.


I think you captured Buttercup brilliantly!
This is gorgeous! I love it-- just as I imagined it! Have you finished mockingjay yet? Gah!
No, haven't read it yet. I'm #123 on the library hold list, so it'll be a while. :P They have 17 copies, so I'm sure I'll get it before Christmas.


AMAZING. I just finished Mockingjay the other day, and loved it! Your art is so beautiful. It shows the tone of the book(s) perfectly. Maybe Collins will see this, and will get ya' officially drawing it all? Huh, huh? Well, we can only hope. :)


Hey, this keeps popping up all over the interwebs

Hi there!

Long time lurker, maybe third time poster, but I was wondering if you saw that io9.com picked this up yesterday: http://io9.com/5624009/how-the-hunger-games-might-look-as-a-comic/gallery/

The people, they love you.

Anonymous Sarah

Great Job!

That's awesome! Just like I remember the beginning. I'm jealous of your comic-ing skills haha. I especially like the cat's expression!



...these pages are so well done! Really WOULD like to see you do an adaptation...

I liked them so much, and the book sounded so good, I went out and bought it, read it. Thx!
Congratulations! These pages got me to read the books. Read all three in a weekend... great stuff! And brilliant comicery. I'd love to read the whole series done like this!



Love It

I love how you captured the feeling of Katniss as she was leaving! Leaves me wanting more!


Love It 2

WOW. This YA librarian is blown away. If Ms. Collins wants her book turned into a graphic novel, I hope she takes a serious look at this work. I'd buy it in a heartbeat, plus I'm pretty sure my webcomic lovin' family would have to have a personal copy.


It's great!

Thanks for making that comic! I love that series. Very rough by the last book...but I'm glad she didn't hold back.


tanita says:

Okay, the evil eye action with the cat? I laughed out loud.

So, so, so good. Thank you for this; I just finished the third book and was feeling a little lonely. So, now I can experience the whole thing all over again. Win!



is this really going to be a graphic novel/comic?? i would totally buy it :)!!
this is incredible. i've not read them, only listened to the audibooks, and while your visuals are not like mine in my head were, they are nonetheless perfect- i'm completely in the story by page 3. i'd happily treat you to copies of all three books to encourage you, if that'd be something fun for you. (here via my dreamwidth reading network)
I arrived here via The Hob.
I think your comic is fantastic. You say you suck at fanart but let me tell you: I don't think so.
You succeed where no many people have, drawing Katniss just like she is, and not like a Disney princess.
Also, the expressions are priceless!
I wish you'd have the whole book to keep on going xD
Anyway, I love it!
Sorry for my English!!
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