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NYCC: Faith Goes to New York

I'm back from New York Comic Con more or less intact! I'm battling a nasty American cold/flu thing, but I don't have to work this week, so have resolved to stay in my jammies sipping hot lemon tea with honey for the foreseeable future.

And now, convention report (sort of): This was my very first time in New York, and right off the bat I did about a million things wrong: I didn't bring a map (so stupid), and I forgot a bunch of phone numbers at home, so the first day was a bit scary. New York is huge and there is so much stuff. I don't really know what I was expecting, but I wasn't really prepared for the hugeness and the full of stuff-ness, and ended up being a bit overwhelmed by it all. But by the end of my time there I was starting to figure things out, riding the subway all by my lonesome and walking half way across Manhattan with a friend, so I learned and grew as a person and I'd definitely go back. It was really really great.

Oddly enough, the actual comic book convention felt incidental. I really wanted to go to New York to meet my editor, who helped me make Friends with Boys the best it could be, see the rest of the First Second folk, and see where they worked. The fact that there was a comic book convention that I could promote Brain Camp at was almost an afterthought ... I remember pulling up to the Javits Centre with my editor Friday morning and thinking "oh yeah, this thing." The convention itself was okay. Friday was enjoyable, not super crowded, and I got to meet and talk with lovely folks I normally don't get to talk much to. Saturday was effing nuts. It was too much for me. The crowds were terrible, worse than San Diego when I went in 2008, and finally I ended up leaving the convention for the entire afternoon to explore New York with Kean Soo and Andrew Wheeler. We saw 30 Rockefeller square and had delicious red velvet cupcakes that cost $3 each. So worth it, and I don't feel like I missed much being away from the convention for the entire afternoon.

Sunday was actually very lovely. The crowds weren't quite as bad as Saturday, and I had a fantastic signing for Brain Camp (I love everyone who showed up to get their books signed! You were AMAZING!), and a lot of fun at my two panels in the afternoon and managed NOT to make a fool of myself in front of Jane Yolen (yay!). Really, the best thing about the trip was being able to meet up with comic friends, eat supper with them and hang out. You don't really need a convention to do that, so while I'd certainly come back to New York, I can't say I'd come back for the Comic Con. It wasn't as impressive and well run as San Diego, but weirdly had the not-so-enjoyable things from SDCC: crowds, crowded bathrooms, expensive food, crowds and did I mention the crowds?

Still: Huge thanks to the lovely Dave & Raina, comics' nicest duo, as well as my NY walking buddies Kean and Andrew, and the other folks I got to chat with at NYCC (Eric, Tory, Colleen, Alison, Johane, Stephen, the rest of the eternally lovely First Second crew, my editor Calista, and the incredible Gina for letting me sleep on her couch for a few days and making all of this possible... did I miss anybody? Hopefully not) for making it a really special trip. And thanks to my friend Lissa for sticking around New York an extra day to play New York Tourist with me. We saw MOMA and shopped our geeky little hearts out. I now have a green I (heart) NY mug which I am drinking lemon honey tea out of.

So have some dumb NYCC comics!

Oh god, you guys ... c'mon. Nobody likes these questions. The first one was asked of me after my last panel on Sunday. I was probably a bit snotty with my answer, but ... come on.

Actual answers at a NYCC panel... sigh.

This was said to me at my signing on Sunday, and I nearly cried. I really mean that when I say it was the best signing ever. The folks who turned out were the loveliest ever, and I'd like to thank them all for making me one happy little cartoonist girl.

I have a handful of pictures, so I'll put them behind a cut:

Me in front of the Flatiron Building after flying in from Halifax on Thursday. I was a little punchy, but thrilled to be there. My publisher's in that famous landmark!

Getting interviewed by the adorable Shaun Hatton for Electric Playground. He was really sweet and super cute.

I do a writer pose with Susan and Laurence (the writers of Brain Camp), and the artist on City of Spies, Pascal Dizin. Laurence's writer pose is kicking my ass.

This was the line of people at my signing, and they were awesome. ;_; Love you guys!

Reverse view of the signing. These two blonde girls I'm talking to were absolutely adorable, one of them a dead ringer for Lucy. I whipped out some Friends with Boys printouts I had and was all "look! It's you!"
Touristy stuff:

Bryant Park on Saturday, after Andrew, Kean and I bolted from the convention. It was a beautiful little oasis in the middle of the city. Plus, y'know, Project Runway was there a few years ago!!!!

Times Square. I was surprised by these concrete park areas New York would have in the middle of what seemed to be a street. Traffic would be rushing around on all sides, and people would be sitting and drinking coffee in the midst of it.

There's a Tim Horton's in downtown Manhattan. Had to get a picture of that.

Ech. Whatever. :P

This was actually very sweet: Yoko Ono's wishing tree at MOMA. Write a wish on a piece of paper and tie it to the tree (note the wish for WORLD DOMINATION on the left).

Lissa and I spent a good chunk of time shopping at KinoKuniya, a Japanese bookstore by Bryant Park. I just liked the artstyle on this manga cover, and was wondering if anyone knew anything about it.

The cover to Twilight in Japanese. Hee!

I, being an Urasawa nerd, was thrilled to find some of his current series, Billy Bat, at Kinokuniya. The anthology was on sale for $1.60, and vol 1 of Billy Bat was only $10, so I had to buy it. Can't read Japanese, but I can look at the pretty Urasawa drawings. They had pretty much all of his other series (Pluto, 20th Century Boys, Monster) in Japanese too. I wanted to buy them for novelty's sake (the books are much smaller than the English translations, and have shiny dust jackets), but couldn't justify the cost.

This is what I bought/had given to me at the convention, although the Interstella 5555 DVD was a gift from Lissa, and I picked up Muzz at Midtown Comics for $4. All the books have been very excellent so far, although I haven't gotten through all of them.
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