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Fanart A Week

Some people are having taking part in Sketchavember (or A Sketch a Day for All of November, as a kind of art version of National Novel Writing Month). I thought it seemed like a lot of fun, but then realized the likelihood of me doing a sketch a day and then uploading them online is probably very unlikely. I guess I could just not put the sketches online but ... eh. It's a little too much commitment for me. But good luck to everyone else who's taking part!

Anyway, I wanted to try something else, namely, a fanart a week. I've been enjoying doing fanarty things during my down time, and want to keep going with drawing them to get a break from my regular work. I also want to find a way to bring attention to the comics I enjoy without doing reviews, as whenever I sit down to try and talk about comics I like, I just end up using the word "awesome" a lot. Which is very lame.

So here's my little project. I'm going to try and go through the books on this shelf and draw fanarts for them:

I have many other shelves full of many other books, and I'm curious to see how far I get, but this is the shelf I've decided to start with because it is my favourite shelf. Yes, I order my books by how much I like them, I am THAT nerd. XD
So! Fanart numbah one!

Kenji and baby Kanna from 20th Century Boys. Of course, my fondness for Naoki Urasawa's work is common knowledge, but Kenji is really one of my favourite characters in comics. He's awfully real for a thriller comic, a failed musician who's given up on his dreams and settled for life as a convenience store clerk, but what I love about him is that he's not an asshole about his life. He regrets things, but I find the way that he moves on, accepting his responsibilities and basically being an adult very touching. ... and then all hell breaks loose and much to his surprise he has to save the world, which ends up being much more complicated than Hollywood would have you think.



Really nice fansketch. I'm not familiar with 20th Century Boys but I can appreciate real characters in fantastic circumstances and I have a great deal of respect for anyone who can pull it off successfully

(I'm doing NaNoManGo myself just did it for the first time in June. 30 pages in 30 days is brutal but I pulled it off and hope to do so again this next round :3 good luck with your goal as well)
Yeah, the whole 'ordinary guy has to save the world' thing is such a common story trope, but so rarely is it executed well. Most of the time it's "hey, Nicolas Cage is a totally believable everyman! Now watch as he busts terrorists heads!" God, whatever.
Thank you. ^_^ I always feel that retaining my own art style while doing homage to the character I'm drawing is the most challenging part of fanart.
Very nice “you soloing over an Urasawa riff”! Agree about the greatness of 20CB -- some manga that I buy have to wait until I have a spare moment to check them out, but a new volume of 20CB demands that I drop everything and read it now!
Me too, me too. ^^ The day a new Urasawa comic comes out... that's a GOOD day.
nnnnggggggg I need to read 20th century boys D:
(been meaning to do so since... 2002 D: )
I wanna say that I read 20th Century Boys thanks to you! And yes, it is as fabulous as reported. It's definitely one of my favourite comics ever - and definitely influential. Not so much the art for me, but that amazing story telling. So thanks!