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Fanart A Week: Flower of Life

Next up on the slow progression through my bookshelves, Fumi Yoshinaga's Flower of Life.

That's Harutaro (blond), Majima (glasses) and Takeda (girl), who really have no reason to hang out together, but I like drawing people sitting on couches. On the other end of the spectrum (its opposite being Naoki Urasawa's comics) of My Favourite things is Flower of Life, a hilarious, sweet and occasionally pessimistic 4 volume series about a bunch of high schoolers. It doesn't have a lot of narrative flow, instead telling a series of interlinked stories about the lives of these characters as they work, play, screw up, and generally act like human beings. It's really really great. Yoshinaga's work initially put me off, as her art can be (kindly put) spare at times. It improves over the course of her various series (Ooku is becoming a striking book), but her artwork doesn't have the appeal to me that Urasawa's does. However, her writing is exquisite. I don't know how else to describe it except that she probably has some kind of giant brain uniquely suited to writing great characters. I don't know, for some reason whenever I re-read Flower of Life, I'm reminded of that old chestnut: "Dying is easy, comedy is hard." Yoshinaga takes things that are very difficult to do (character based comedy! character development without sacrificing comedy! letting characters screw up and stay screwed up without losing sympathy for them!), and make them look very very easy.

Next up: ... hm, I'm not sure. I kinda want to skip All My Darling Daughters since it's a collection of short stories and go straight to Ooku. We'll see.

I also have a bunch of sketches I did yesterday while out with friends.

Bahahah! Isn't she hilarious? Why is this drawing so funny to me? I dunno.


DRAWING WITH PENCIL! I haven't done that in years. I thought you were part of team col erase?

The drawings look great, really natural poses!
It's actually not pencil. It's black col-erase. ^_^ So I am still team col-erase.


Please don't!

Please don't skip Darling Daughters! That's one of my favorites, and I so want to see what you do with it!
-- Johanna, ComicsWorthReading.com

Re: Please don't!

Lol, okay. Since you asked... ^^
I have no idea who Takeda is, but she's lovely, and the piece is really nice. I agree on the couch.
Yay for updates!! Also the new web page is awesome!