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Hourly Comics continued

And here are the rest of my Hourly Comics! I actually kind of had a busy day, so it was good for this exercise. Of late most of my days have been slogging away on the laptop, but since I made a deadline yesterday morning, I decided to venture outdoors and stuff...

It was senior citizens day at the Sears Outlet, so the place was overrun with chatty little old ladies.

And then I made a crack about being in The Matrix and rolled out the door in a hail of gunfire and rotating 3D cameras.

Yes I seriously have a favourite graveyard. You'll see it a lot in Friends with Boys.

I don't know if it was the walk, but wow, I was useless in that class.

I'm kind of a negative head talker sometimes. It's hard getting your brain to shut up.

Well, looks like we've got another mystery, gang!

oh my god I love Fullmetal Alchemist so much... O_O
I noticed I had kind of a wibbly eyes day. Weird. I'm not usually like that. I'll chalk it up to being tired and I usually get a little spazzy after a deadline.

Anyway, that was fun! I've been enjoying other people's hourly comics as well. Hopefully I'll get to do this another time.


<3 Volume 15 (backstory!)

These hourly comics are fantastic. That is just how I shop.
TRAGIC backstory. Srsly, Winry's parents: ;_____;
Yes, God! And Mustang and Hawkeye and Hughes altogether at the front (Roy and Riza! Please to go on a date somewhere that's not a graveyard!) It does so much to round out the sense of what they're all fighting for. And, God, even Scar is tragic.
Yours turned out awesome! And reminded me that I bought a new coat last year on hourly comic day! :)
Definitely cute! The first one reminds me of when old ladies shopping at Frenchy's dote on me. oO;
Just dropping a comment here to say that..well, that basically you're pretty awesome!
(okay, I really do hope this doesn't sound too weird)
I recently discovered your art (through FMA fanarts! :D), and even though I haven't looked at all of your work, I really like it! I might come back later and tell you more (I should be sleeping now), but for now:

-favourite graveyard? I need one of those too!
-Volume 15 ;____;
Glad you're enjoying my art! And yes, vol 15 is very ;_;.
FMA15 tends to produce wibbles. It has that effect on people. ...and FMA as a whole tends to produce "READ IT READ IT READ IT FASTER" effect as well. Especially on close friends. I got nine new people in my dorm reading the manga by the end of last school year. It was exciting!

Man, I wish I knew that many people who read FMA! I know a couple. One has read the whole thing, the other's father back than me, but I want MOAR people to read it so I can talk to them about it!

Honestly, it's just fun being a fan of a series like FMA. Most of the popular mangas don't really click with me, so it's nice to find one that does.

I really love your artwork in these. I mean, I've always enjoyed your stuff, but here you seem to using a slightly simplified, clearer version of your usual style that I find incredibly appealing. Love it!

Thank you! I always find simple hard to do.
I appreciate your negative body thoughts, because I have the same ones. Even when the only person who I care about seeing my body tells me he thinks I'm sexy and don't need to lose weight, I can't help not liking what I see in the mirror. I think it has to do with the cut of clothing that's popular.... made for bodies that are more narrow than mine.

This was beautiful *and* made me smile! Thanks for that.
Ugh, I know. I don't look "right" in current fashions... sigh. It's just a weird mental game to convince yourself that you look okay, and I think it's just something some women have to struggle with, no matter how they look. I'm not nearly as judgmental of other people's bodies than I am of mine, and it drives me crazy, because I know I'd be a lot happier if I could just accept my body the way it is. Sadly, it's something I've dealt with since I was a teen, and I think it's just going to be my struggle for the rest of my life. Some days are good, some are bad, but ... well, that's just how it is.
Lady fight scenes are a must.

And FMA is worth reading. KEEP GOIIING
Oh, I've read up until vol 24, but I'd skipped 15 because it hadn't come into the library yet. Argh, the TRAGEDY. D:
AUf so lovely! I like your new haircut ^^ You draw snow really well with a brush! I find that's hard to capture. Well done!
These hourly comics were a delight to read. Thank you!
It's hard getting your brain to shut up.

Stick with it. It takes time and it ain't easy, but eventually you will make progress on it. [Took me decades!] And every step forward with getting your brain-chatter to be less negative, will make your life noticeably better.

BTW these strips are great!
I loved reading your hourly comics. I love that idea so hard I may try it...

Also, awesome!
I really enjoyed reading your hourlies.