Faith Erin Hicks, Girl Reporter (smuu) wrote,

Hourly Comics continued

And here are the rest of my Hourly Comics! I actually kind of had a busy day, so it was good for this exercise. Of late most of my days have been slogging away on the laptop, but since I made a deadline yesterday morning, I decided to venture outdoors and stuff...

It was senior citizens day at the Sears Outlet, so the place was overrun with chatty little old ladies.

And then I made a crack about being in The Matrix and rolled out the door in a hail of gunfire and rotating 3D cameras.

Yes I seriously have a favourite graveyard. You'll see it a lot in Friends with Boys.

I don't know if it was the walk, but wow, I was useless in that class.

I'm kind of a negative head talker sometimes. It's hard getting your brain to shut up.

Well, looks like we've got another mystery, gang!

oh my god I love Fullmetal Alchemist so much... O_O
I noticed I had kind of a wibbly eyes day. Weird. I'm not usually like that. I'll chalk it up to being tired and I usually get a little spazzy after a deadline.

Anyway, that was fun! I've been enjoying other people's hourly comics as well. Hopefully I'll get to do this another time.
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