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plutosmuu wrote
on February 4th, 2011 at 11:48 am

Character designs + art dump

Arts! I'm getting all this blogging and posting out of my system before I get swallowed up by the impending wave of work awaiting me in 2011. Hm, alliterative.
Here's some character designs for my next graphic novel, which hopefully I'll be able to tell you about soon...

There's a whole subplot in Friends With Boys about characters who are twins, and how they're trying to establish separate identities ... but in this new book (which is an adaptation of someone else's work) we're just going with the Evil Psychic Twins stereotype. XD

I really like the character on the right, but I have a feeling people aren't going to like her in the actual comic ... she's not someone you particularly want as a friend, but I dig her in the book. I like ruthless teenage girls.
Originally she looked like this:

but I got notes she looked too old (fair enough. I was a little wrapped up in making her severe, to contrast with another female character), and I decided to change her hair on my own, so it wouldn't conflict with the black of her uniform. The uniform's staying the same. It's based on a real varsity cheerleading uniform, and I really like the cross above her chest.

And here is something I drew last summer that's not related to anything at the moment (but maybe will be someday? I hope so!). I've always wanted to do a character introduction where one character is upside down. Maybe a latent desire to draw Spider-man? Unlikely!

And a Zombies Calling commission:

Sonnet's just really sick of all the zombies. I don't blame her.

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