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Free Comic Book Day Madness

I feel like I should open my report on Free Comic Book Day with the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey ("Daaaa naaaaa naaaaaaaaa na na!") ... and this picture.


Anyway, I think now, two days later, I am finally recovered. It wasn't really the crowd that was a problem: I, foolish mortal that I am, made the same mistake I made when I went to My Very First Convention last year. I forgot to eat.

I remember reading an essay on surviving cons, and one of the suggestions was 1. eat. 2. drink. How silly, I thought! Who forgets to eat? Not me! If anything, I have a problem with remembering to eat. But lo and behold, I sat down at 10 in the morning and met lots of nice people who asked me to draw various things and I drew them and then suddenly it was 4pm. And I had forgotten to eat and was pretty sick-feeling as a result. So from now on I will pack a damn lunch, and stop being such a moron. (It really wasn't the fault of the people running the event; I was offered a hot dog, but get sick on food like that.)

But despite the non-eating stupidity, I really enjoyed myself. No requests to draw Venom or Iron Man, thank goodness. I think I kind of lucked out with that, because I was seated beside this guy who drew in a very superhero-y style (his name was Matt and he did trading cards and I've forgotten his last name, dur), so he got the "hey, can you draw Spawn?" requests, and I got to laugh and laugh and be glad I didn't have to draw Spawn. Spawn sucks! I got several requests for Wonder Woman, one for Aquaman (I made him very hot, it was fun), one for Superman, one for Death and most of the requests were actually for Zombies Calling or Demonology 101 characters, which was fantastic. I was really surprised. A couple of people even brought in their ZC books for me to sign. Very cool. It all went by very quickly, and before I knew it, the whole thing was over and stuff was being packed up.

I got a chance to grab at the FCBD offerings before the whole thing started, which was great, as I didn't have a minute during the actual thing. I got the majority of the FCBD comics, and what few I missed that I'd wanted to get (like the Hellboy comic) my roommate Ian grabbed. Seriously, it was great. I have a giant stack beside my bed. Strange Adventures was also giving away old back issues of various things, so I grabbed issues of Scalped (very good!), Wasteland (like the art) and Repo (hideous). It was so much fun, really. I wish I could've been a little less stupid; I think with a decent lunch in me I would've felt a little better later in the day. Fortunately I got an excellent free meal afterwards, so felt much better in the evening. During supper I got the chance to hang out a bit with Mark Oakley, creator of the excellent series Thieves and Kings, and pick his brain a bit, so that was very lovely. I'm always so excited to meet fellow creators, especially those who've done the whole self-publishing thing, something I honestly could never do (don't have the energy for it). I am also interested in how he gets such volume into his hair ... it was quite magnificent. I usually don't have man-hair envy, really.

I have a bunch of pictures and sketches that I got from lovely people like Mark and Mike Holmes, so I'll put them under the cut to save your friends list.

Another shot of the crowd. All these pictures were taken by either my friend Joe or my roommate Ian.

Me at the start of the day, drawing a Pokemon. My brushpen did not like the cardstock I was given to draw on, so I hassled Cal for regular paper. I got it, because I'm annoying like that. ;)

I think this was my second drawing of the day... I had to re-start it, it was so crappy. The guy was a good sport about it.

Mascots gone wild!


Movie Tony Stark by Mike Holmes. Very hot. I saw the movie on Friday. :D

A girl who I met at my comics workshop at the library last month brought this with her to give me. Very cute. I highly approve of bringing gifts of fanart.

Me as a Skrull, drawn by Ben who works at SA. I actually have no idea what a Skrull is ... some sort of shapeshifting alien, apparently.

The Shadow Lady, from Thieves and Kings, by Mark Oakley. He was a tremendous good sport and drew this for me at dinner.

Finally, THE GREATEST DRAWING EVAR!!!!111 It's Zombies Calling (my book) verses Shenanigans (Mike Holmes's book from Oni), in a fight to the death, by Tiina! Everyone was impressed that she managed to find the common link between the two books, in this case being one has a Pretend British character, the other a Fake Irish. Up with the fakers!

Anyway, I had a great time, and I hope to be a part of the madness again next year. But I'll know to bring a proper lunch then. I will learn from my mistakes. :D But really, the folks at Strange Adventures are pretty awesome to put on an event like this. After reading up on others' FCBD experiences, I noticed this was a rare event indeed.


Staaaaaaaaaark <3

Priiiiingleeeees <3 <3


The New Frontier bears offerings of Pringles. Another reason for me to like Mr. Cooke. ...or it could be completely cruel of him since you didn't seem to have anything to wash them down.
Blarg, LJ logged me off at some point.
When I used to work cons, due to predicaments like yours, the department heads passed down the requirement "Three meals and six hours sleep". Unfortunately in practice, it got distorted into "three hours sleep and six meals".

This is why one of the important things I would alsways pack with me to cons would be Luna and Cliff bars, and bake either meal-in-a-cookie cookies, or beeef jerkey.
ahhhh! icon made of awesome!!!
It was totally awesome when Darwyn emptied out the remains of his first Pringles can on the table between you two, then ruthlessly crushed them to dust with his fist. The man has a heart of cold iron, alloyed with pure 100% amazing.


I really liked Zombies Calling! I read one of your webcomics years ago, too: a girl who was part demon? My memory is bad. When is your next book coming out?

Yes, Demonology 101. My next book will be out in December. I'll post about it when it gets closer to the release date, of course. :)

catching up on questions...

It was at the church beside the Spring Garden Library... uh, I think it's a Korean church? I dunno. Anyway, the hall was nice and large. They had it there last year, so it makes sense they'd have it in the same spot next year.