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Jenny Has Six Brothers, Strip 11

Well anyway, Comicon is only a week away. At this point the only must see panels for me are the Steve Purcell one on Thursday (1-2 pm) and the Pushing Daisies one on Saturday (3:15 to 4:15 pm). Anyone want to offer odds as to whether or not it'd be possible to actually get in to either one? People keep warning me about this whole thing, but at this point I'm still not sure what to expect. I'm trying to imagine that very first convention I went to crossed with the first twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan ... yet somehow I can't quite picture it. Is it possible to actually get into panels? What panels are typically madhouses and to be avoided? What does Lee Pace look like in person? God, I want to go to that panel ...

Since we're talking about Comicon, that is a very apt panel. Anyway. Your comic for the day. Second to last one!


Going to an earlier panel just to get in the room for a later one ... very good advice! I will take it. Honestly, I am fine with a long wait, as long as I end up in the panel. And it's really only the two panels I want to go to anyway, so that's not a huge deal. Anyway, we'll see.