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Ellsmere bio comic

I did a bio-comic instead of a picture for The War at Ellsmere. I like it when manga artists do that. It's like you're getting to know them and they're wacky! Sometimes I even like the bio comics better than the actual comic, which disappoints me. Hopefully that won't be the case with my book ... right? Anyway, click the LJ cut to read it.

I used a lot of exclamation points. And I'm sure there's a typo in the book somewhere ... lurking ... out to get me ...


I don't know if it counts as a typo, but it looks like that second-to-last caption says "I survived!Also" ;3
OH MY GOD NOOOOOOOO-actually, that was fixed for the final version. :)
That is too cute! XD
This is so funny and charming :)
that is so cute ! I love it!
Oh my goodness, ain't that the truth? XD I see that I just need to get addicted to caffeine and other wonderful things in order to get over the hump to finish what I start! :D
haha i love it! Your expressions make me gleeful.
Also empathetic hehehe.

Oh I'm entering the SLG contest to win your book! (well hopefully!!)

I was wondering, What's the font you used here? I'm always struggling with font!!
I used Zud Juice, which is a free font from the Blambot fonts site.
ihih, so funny!
I can't wait for the printed version! :D
Your RAR Godizalla should be some sort of logo on all your comics. Sort of like Joss Weadon's end credit monster.

It would be cool to see your adventures in comic making from Clarice's perspective.
Heheh nice :) I'm glad you did this, I too enjoy the manga creators crazy bio comics so it's nice to see more of those around. Can't wait to pick up the new book, weee!


love it! love it! love it! mj
Haha. I like your "finally done" expression. :)
Being done makes me happy.