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Ice update + pictures of Brain Camp!

First of all: Holy cow, I updated Ice! Yay! Four new pages, and with those pages being done, the major part of the story is OVER. What remains is the epilogue/wrapping up of things, which I won't get to until the summer. Yeah, I've spent the past few months struggling to try and draw pages and I just don't have the time. So I'm setting it aside until Friends With Boys is over and I'll have some time (hopefully) to devote to it. So look for Ice again in July; I'll talk about it here, of course.

And: PICTURES OF MY GORGEOUS NEW BOOK! (... pictures taken with my boyfriend's crappy camera phone, so apologies for the low quality.)

IS IT NOT BEAUTIFUL! I'm so thrilled at the finishing on it, and the fantastic job First Second did with ... well, everything! Look how pretty and shiny!

Fancy french flaps... oooh, aaahhh

Hay I totally know that person!

Don't look! Spoilers!


Leela loves the book and Nixon would love it to if only he was programmed to feel emotions.

This post has been sponsored by exclamation points.


This looks fantastic! I can't wait for this book to come out!


YESSSSSSSSS to all of it!! I can't wait until I can buy that book and be wowed by the art, like I was with Zombies Calling. And it's also exciting that Ice is almost over. Kind of sudden, but there's still going to be another update(s?), so it's okay.

And that gloss on the back cover is so awesome :D
Soooooo prettyyyyyy!
Very nice! :D


eeee! Double awesomes.

You have probably already said in an earlier post, but how would one go about getting their hands on this shiny little tome?
Excellent! Ice is such fun, it'll be a shame to see it go when it does but it will be nice to feel a completeness there.
And wow, dead tree is pretty! I can't wait to get my grubby little paws on that.
Definitely looking forward to picking up a copy! :D
I see that you are going to be at the Toronto Comic thing in May...Ren and I will be there on the Sunday...looking forward to saying Hi and sweet talking you into signing my book!
That is the best spot gloss ever.


Nice! I see that you have a blank page to sign the books :D
That color fits your art so well. The colors remind me a bit of some of what is in New Frontier. You should keep that person in your closet to bust out when you need some quick color work done and to keep Clarice company when you are not home.

yay new Ice! i check for it every week or two, hoping to see an update.

congratulations on your new book! thats really exciting!