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o noes

Girl Comics #2 out on Wednesday! Also here is this Wolverine thing.

Just to remind everyone, Girl Comics #2 is out THIS WEDNESDAY, and it includes a wacky Nextwave story by me, so please please pick up a copy! I had a lot of fun doing that comic for Marvel, and who knows, they might ask me back for more 'splodey fun or something. (Probably not, but you never know.)

So last year about this time was my very first contact with Marvel. Specifically I was asked if I'd pitch an 11 page "Iron Man or Wolverine story." Since I had absolutely no interest in drawing Iron Man (all that mechanical armour, ugh!) and consider myself a patriotic beaver-flag-waving Canadian type, I opted for Wolverine. I sent Marvel 11 pages of thumbnails and a script, and never heard back. Boo hoo! Oh well. Eventually they asked me to do a submission for Girl Comics, so it all worked out in the end.

As for the Wolverine story, I still kinda like it. I like the idea of superheroes going grocery shopping and paying their bills and other mundane stuff like that, 'cause I'm weird. So here's my 11 pages of script and thumbnails, all handily htmled together for your viewing pleasure.

Go here for the whole kaboodle. There are ninjas. Weirdly enough, Girl Comics #1 included a "Doc Ock goes grocery shopping" 2 pager by Lucy Knisley. BEHOLD GLOBAL TELEPATHY.

Anyway, in conclusion, DOUG RAMSEY LIVES. And pick up Girl Comics #2 at your local comic shop on Wednesday! Here is this panel again:

Mmm, pretty shiny Marvel colours ... *licks*


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I will make a special venture to my local comic shop to secure this title! <4 nextwave and def want to support any reasonable effort to break up the boys club with solid female creators
Hahaha! Awesome! :D
*sniffle* Oh, Cypher...

And now, I'm going to be giggling about ninjas in the produce section all day!
I liked the idea of Grumpy Wolverine in a house full of teenagers. I guess mostly inspired by a certain section of X-Men 2... That was a pretty good movie.
Hahah, yeah, I wish I'd gotten a response from them about the story. The Girl Comics editor liked it. I can imagine some folks were like "WTF is this shit??" ^^;; I read a bunch of Wolverine comics before I did the pitch and OMG ANGSTY. I decided to go in a different direction...
That wolverine comic is friggin hilarious. Well done.

That was utterly adorable.

But yeah, I can't resist reading it, it's Wolverine!


Aw, that was pretty adorable if you don't mind me saying. And of course, Wolverine was my childhood crush (hush!) so you really won me over--the question of the whereabouts of the eggs made me giggle. Perfect.
Yeah, when I was little my mom was like that about Oreo cookies (and other cookies) made in Canada with real cane sugar from Cuba as opposed to the Oreo cookies made in the US from really awful kinds of sugary-somethings. She said she could tell the difference. I thought I could too.

I hope that Wolverine story eventually gets into print somehow somewhere, becasue that way I'll be able to buy it and then shove it in people's face and say "See, there IS a difference"
I had a conversation with someone about the different sugars Canada uses as ingredients just recently, and previously I hadn't known about it at all! So weird. The "Canadian eggs" thing was just a joke, but it seems there are parallels...
That is all kinds of adorable! :D Go Canadian eggs!
They're laid by very special beavers.
I love that wolverine comic, I'm kind of sad they never got back to you about.
omg those colors! I'll need remember to go pick up girl comics #2
That Wolverine comic is hilarious and adorable at the same time! LOVED it!!! =D
I also love these kinds of superheroes doing mundane things types of stories. Great job! Can't believe they didn't publish it SOMEWHERE!

Also I laugh every time I see Wolverine wear a motorcycle helmet. Dudes with healing factors need no helmets!
Oh wow I love that Wolverine story SO MUCH. I can't wait to see your comic in the new GC#2! So exciiiited.
I hope people like GC#2. O_o It's a whole different group of readers taking a look at that thing. I'm sort of curious to see if I get any angry fanboys...
Oohhh maaan, I want that Wolverine story to be published so much.

ALSO are Canadian eggs that great?
lol, I've no idea. It was a joke.
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