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Website update/overhaul!

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS LOOK OVER THERE IT'S A BRAND NEW WEBSITE!! ... and it contains a brand new update to Ice, my (hopefully not forgotten) webcomic! Six new pages, and the Ice website has been integrated into my new site, mostly because I don't feel it's updated enough to deserve it's own website.

I know, wtf, updates! When was the last time I updated this thing? February, I think. Erk. Oh well, I was busy getting paid to draw comics, which is awesome.

Anyway, many many thanks to my lovely friend Lissa who designed my new site and my lovely friend nem0 who continues to be a wonderful host and general knower-of-website-stuff. It is good to have tech savvy friend because God knows I'm not. :P

So enjoy the new Ice pages and the new website design! ... and y'know, leave a comment if you can, because I like comments.

Also here is a drawing of Lissa and me enjoying Yoko Ono's wish tree at MOCCA when we went to New York. Aren't we cute?


Yesssss *does a little dance*

Ice updated! Which I'm really happy about because I enjoy reading it! But I also totally dig that you had to go on hiatus concerned with Ice because comics that you get paid to do take priority! HUZZAHS ALL AROUND.
Also your website is pretty. My only comment is that there is no link to "The Adventures of Superhero Girl". Or I am too oblivious to find it.
No, there's no link to it at the moment. It's one of the things on my to-do list, putting SHG in the Comics section. But I wanted to get the website up anyway; I've been needing to do this upgrade for FAR too long. :)
Yay, Ice! :D

oh man yes! YES! YES!!! ICE!!!


Thank you for the ICE update...

....waited all year for it.

Re: Thank you for the ICE update...

All for you, Anonymous. :)
The website turned out nicely! I like the menu and footer, how dramatic they appear.

New Ice pages are always a bonus as well.
That's sure what I wished for: A house with a room just for my books! And beautiful bookshelves to put them in. ^_^
I'm glad to see Ice updated again. I've missed it.
Yayyyy for ICE!!


Demonology 101 Chapters 2 - END Down

Hey, I remembered reading your comic Demonology 101 in Highschool years ago. I went back to read it and was happy that it was still around. However, it seems that anything past chapter 1 is down. I didn't really know how else to contact you since I couldn't know what was up to date, so I came here! (web sleuthing for the win!)

Just thought you should know. Also if you ever released an ebook or a print I'd buy it in a second.

Contact info: kamiyay AT gmail DOT com
1. Awesome site! Your old site was nice too but this one's all professional-y and cool;
2. YAY ICE UPDATE YES! This made me such a happy girl;
3. I finally found your books at my local bookshop (I live in Turkey) and thought that might make you happy if you didn't know, so I'm letting you know!

I had pretty much given up on Ice being updated so I'm glad to see this! The new site looks really cool.


happy dance!!

I just visited new york where I found a comic shop that carried war at ellsmere! Then I come home to find that ICE is updated! It's a good week.
So perhaps this has all been mentioned elsewhere, but will WaE have a sequel? I'm dying to know what happens next.


Old Ice site is still up, but without updates.

You may want to use some sort of cyber magic (it's really not my thing) so that when someone goes to http://faith.do-ob.com/ice/ it automatically sends them to the new site. Otherwise, anyone who had the old site bookmarked (like me) will not realize that there is new stuff out there.

Average Joe


THANK YOU for updating ICE! I'm so excited to see more :D
~total stranger wandering in~ Ice update, woohoo! Thanks so much. Wish I knew you had a LJ before then I would have known why Ice wasn't updated for so long. XD But I kept checking. :D

Merry Christmas!



Finally! I've been waiting for it forever. :)

Years ago, I'd always wondered what happened after D101 and managed to track down this site.


Re: Ice....

Errr... I'd also meant to say:

But then I wondered what happened to Ice after a while. Didn't realise the new updates were out since the RSS feed never mentioned it.