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Hourly Comics

Apparently today is Hourly Comic Day, and since I made a deadline this morning and have nothing else to do, here are a couple of my hours in comic form:

I am especially glad I work at home during winter.

There's a missing half hour in there somewhere... anyway, I have more, but I have to head out the door now. Maybe I'll post the rest of 'em later.


These are adorable!

Silly pets, not admiring your glorious deadline-slaying. Who do you think you are, cat? WHO?
She's never impressed with anything I do. Now if my BOYFRIEND does something .... I know who she loves best! D:
Playing favorites. Bad kitty.
These are cute, especially the part where you talk to your cat lol
I talk to her all the time. It's a little disturbing, when I think about it. ^^ Working from home makes you crazy sometimes.