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Working hard

So work has started up in earnest, and I'm no longer slacking and pecking away at spec stuff and internets/personal stuff. Thus I have been sucked into a black hole from whence only rambling twitter posts emerge .... anyway, have some pictures of my workspace where I'm working hard on comics:

This is my drawing desk. I've had it since I was a first year at animation school and it came with me when I moved from Ontario to Nova Scotia. Between Tim and I we have four desks (two drawing desks, two computer desks) and they take up most of the master bedroom in our 2 bed apartment (we sleep in the smaller bedroom. Hey, when you don't have a lot of space and you have a lot of desks, you make do). My kitty likes to sit behind my drawing desk on the windowsill, especially in the morning when the sun's coming directly through the window.

This is my messy reference board/space for art supplies, to the right of my desk. I keep character designs pinned to the ref board, so I can look at them while I'm drawing the characters in the actual comic. It keeps me on model (mostly). I collect bottles of ink and crappy watercolour brushes that I don't use, too.

Some pages I've been working on this week. I got to draw lots of crazy expressions and characters freaking out. It was fun. My originals are always a huge mess. I bought a lightbox recently and hope to eventually make it a part of my comic drawing process so I can get cleaner pages, and maybe cut out the incessant second guessing of my comic layouts that seems to be dogging me lately.



Huh. Looks like you use blue pencil exclusively -- no black graphite -- true? Ever cool.

How do you know for sure how big your balloons are? Is there blue lettering in there someplace?
Yeah, it's all light blue col-erase pencil. Graphite is smudgier, so if I used that, the pages would just be a giant gray smear. As for the balloons, I guess how big they should be. I write dialog in by hand and it's usually close enough. With my last book, I think there were only two speech bubbles that needed to be enlarged.
Two reasons I am amazed:

- I have tried to use blue pencil only, and just don't seem to be able to be sure which blue line is The One and which ones are just tentative roughs. So I end up drawing blue roughs and then one black pencil line to nail it down. I dunno how you do it!

- you are a way better guesser of word balloon size than I am!

I'm also envious that you can ink with a brush! :)

Edited at 2011-04-10 01:32 pm (UTC)
Hm, I've never really thought about picking a line as being something I do when I ink, but you're right, that's part of the process. I chalk up my ability to do it to a lot of practice. :)
Does kitty approve of anything?
I am a big lineart whore so seeing those in-progress pages are really neat.

I was wondering though, what do you use for inking? Are you exclusive to pens or do you use the big brushes too like the ones on the side of your desk for big block blacks?

I find it a bit tedious to do big areas of black in pen so was curious. :3
I use a Winsor & Newton Series 7 watercolour brush, size 1 for all my inking, and for filling in blacks mostly sharpies (I like the large chisel sharpies). It's kind of annoying to use a brush to fill large black areas in.
I love the kitty peeking over the desk :)
Every drawing desk needs a lurking kitty! Yours seems to be doing a good job.
Is your desk actually one of those portable drawing tables where you can set on any flat surface? Can't tell with how dark the picture looks.

Just found you!

I just found your Superhero Girl a couple of weeks ago and LOVE IT. I just saw your workspace at your blog. COOL! Looking at your work-in-progress is inspiring/intimidating. Please keep up the good work. Post pix of how you use your Lenovo tablet too, please!