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I self published a book! Buy it from me!

Hey everybodies, look what I made:

OMG I MADE MY VERY OWN COMICS!!!!1 So exciting! Yes, I have now ventured tentively into self-publishing, and put together a little book of Superhero Girl comics. The book contains the first 55 comics, plus an author's note, sketches and the original Superhero Girl comic. For the moment I'm only going to be offering the book for sale at conventions (the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, of course, and I will also be at Animaritime in Moncton and Hal-Con in Halifax later this year), and Strange Adventures has also offered to stock the book (yay!). So if you're coming to TCAF, come by my table and buy my very first self published book ever! Seriously, I've never even done a mini-comic...

Here's what it looks like inside:

Ooh, ahhh. The books about 8.5 by 6, with nice shiny black ink. I got it printed locally at Etc Press, and they were great to deal with.

One of two pictures where SHG enjoys a sammich...

Sketches n' stuff.

I'll also have other stuff I've never done before for sale at TCAF (and the other two conventions), like buttons! Here are the button designs I've done:

Yes, you too can be skeptical and have a button that proves it. Also, zombies making out. I dunno, they're cute.

I'm not much of a print person, but I've made three prints for the show. You can see them on my DA account here, here and here.

And of course I will have copies of my three graphic novels for sale! Zombies Calling, The War at Ellsmere and Brain Camp. If you're looking to get a copy of one of them, come buy it from me and I can draw you a nice sketch in the book as a thank you.

Hope to see everyone at TCAF (and everywhere else)!


How THRILLING! They look gorgeous. Any chance you'll be able to sell the books online? I'd love to buy one!
yes and yes please :)
YES! I eagerly await TCAF so I can spend my money on comics instead of food :B

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Comic looks awesome! I love the format. At first I was wondering if that was a wrap around cover, but then why is the text on the left. Then I saw the photos inside and was like awesome! lol
Aw YEAH! That looks kickass, Faith :D Very excited to pick it up!
Yay! I'm very proud! And your work so great in black & white, so I'm glad you were able to get a nice printing.

I hope you sell out...in a good way. Sell out of books. Not "sell out".

I'm going to stop talking now.
I am very much in favour of self-publishing (seeing as I spent a good chunk of the eighties doing similarly) so of course I think this is great news! Also glad that it is published in B&W, cuz I'm a big fan of that too!

Hoping you will offer this book by mail someday, as I can't do cons. How much do I need to save up for it?

What About Your Overseas Fans :(

I soooooooooo want a book of Superhero Girl stories, but I'm in the UK. Any way I could get hold of a copy - it looks amazing.
How much will the book be? I am sending one of my friends to get me one at TCAF! :)
Oooo! Pardon me while I link this to everyone I've ever met...

Thank you. :-)

Yay! More Adventures of Superhero Girl! Sadly I won't be attending any of those conventions but I would like to purchase you comic. Keep us in formed if it becomes available in some other fashion.
MINE - when I get to TCAF
Yeah, sadly I can't see myself getting down to your neck of the woods this year. :/ Any chance of you coming here? There are two conventions this year: Animaritime in Moncton, New Bruinswick (I'm the Guest of Honour! XD) and Hal-Con in Halifax in November. I made a surprising amount of money last year at Hal-con, selling books at Strange Adventures for a couple hours ... assuming the same batch of con-goers will be there this year, it might be profitable for you.
Will you be at San Diego Comic Con by any chance? I must do some purchasing, especially superhero girl!!! :) It's so cool to see how far you have made, I remember I started following when you were close to finishing D101!!!
Sadly, no San Diego for me. It is way expensive. :(
Wow Faith! This is SO COOL! :) I would love to have a copy. You are inspiring me, too.

I'll be at TCAF, and I'll get your collection!


So much *win* in one place!

Seriously, every time I pop around here (regularly since 2004) I wish I lived in Halifax. Any chance you will be coming down to NYC this year so I can buy allllll your stuff?

Stay awesome!


Another time where I wish I was canadian

Congrats on the book and the buttons. I wish I was able to go and buy them but I am stunted by my geographical inconvenience. Good luck I hope you sell them all.

Re: Another time where I wish I was canadian

Want want want want want....

another POD route

If you're still interested in a POD option, I am very satisfied with the service and per unit cost of CreateSpace. (My book is this one--buyblinksofar.info)

CreateSpace offers a 8.25 x 6 inches format, which is pretty close to what you've got going on.

Since I'm stuck down in the States, I'd love to be able to order SHG for my bookshelf!!!