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Where to find me at TCAF

Hey guys, here's a handy map that shows where you can find me at TCAF:

I'll be up there in the clouds with such luminaries as Raina Telegemeier, Dave Roman, Svetlana Chmakova, Becky Cloonan, Kate Beaton ... um, other people who are famous and better at comics than me, and I hope in your attempts to find them, you'll come and see me too. :) As I mentione before I will have copies of my self-published Superhero Girl comic collection, Zombies Calling, The War at Ellsmere, Brain Camp and fun extra stuff like prints and buttons. One note: I'm happy to do commissions if someone would like, but I have no paper on me, so you'll have to either get me paper or let me know if you want something drawn on Saturday so I can get paper myself Saturday night. I will also be away from my table for about an hour on Sunday at 1pm.

Also, apologies ahead of time for looking like this:

I've been sick with a nasty cold all week, and while I'm now getting better, I'm still very sniffly and snotty and have a bright red nose from blowing it and sound like I've been smoking for the past 30 years. I don't think I'm contagious, but still: very sorry.

I hope to see everyone there! Please come say hi. I love meeting readers, and it's great to talk about comics with real live people. As opposed to talking about comics on the internets. XD

Unfortunately TCAF conflicted with this year's Free Comic Book Day, so I will not be at Strange Adventures' annual hoopla. I hope everyone in Halifax goes, tho! Strange Adventures always puts on a great show.