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TCAF 2011

For me the most amazing part of TCAF came afterwards, when I listened to my mom talk about attending Usamaru Furuya's panel on Sunday. She had no idea who he was, had never read his work (and frankly, I wouldn't give it to her as she has even less of a stomach for horror as I do), but she came away from the panel fascinated by him as a person. I feel like that is the true importance of an event like TCAF, which can provide access to interesting comic folk to people who are not part of the comic world. This is the third year Mom's attended the Festival (to support me, of course), and every time she's come away interested in those who make comics. We tried to find her a copy of Swallow Me Whole by Nate Powell to buy (she tries to buy a book per Festival; last year she bought Smile), but it was all sold out. She got a chance to talk to Nate Powell himself, though, and his background in work with the Developmentally Delayed (both Mom and I have done support work in the past, and Mom's nephew is autistic) interested her enough that I'm sure she'll look up the book on her own.

TCAF: Reaching Out To My Mom Since 2009.

Which I feel is just so important. I always get a sense of New People when I'm at TCAF. That it's attended by people who find comics interesting or are attracted to arty things, but maybe don't read them much. It's a cool feeling.

Unfortunately I was not feeling well throughout the entire Festival. I spent most of TCAF struggling to clear the fog in my brain and croaking out conversation to people. I'd come down with a cold the week before and hadn't had any time to rest, so by the weekend I was exhausted, Nyquill my only friend. I'm really sad I was so sick, because I didn't really enjoy what was an AMAZING convention for me. It was my first time as a self-publisher with a webcomic collection and I was blown away by the response to my little book. I completely sold out, over 50 copies, and sold out early. Every copy of my Superhero Girl collection was gone by lunchtime on Sunday. I've never had a book sell that quickly, and to people who seemed to know it, too. It was really amazing, and thank you to everyone who made the show such a success for me. I really appreciate you stopping by, buying a book, and making my day. XD

-Going for supper with my First Second editor Calista and FS book designer (and awesome comic maker in her own right) Colleen AF Venable, two of my most favourite comic related people. Really wish I could see them more than once a year...
-Talking with Ross Campbell and a few other TCAFers in a hotel lobby and having an employee approach us and ask about the show. Are we that obviously nerdy? XD Survey says: Yeah, Kinda.
-Being a nerd in front of Becky Cloonan. And she'd kinda heard of me! I gave her a copy of Superhero Girl, which I nervously hope she likes.
-Seeing the huge pile of Superhero Girl books disappear rapidly. WTF people I love you so much.
- Meeting J. Torres and going to lunch with our new editor, Karen.
-Seeing the UGLIEST BABY IN ALL OF THE WORLD on the streets of Toronto. It had a receding hairline and an old man face. I am a big fan of ugly babies.

-The sheer size of the show and my illness basically meant I missed out seeing a bunch of people I really like, both as human beings and as cartoonists. BAH. Curse you, body.
-Didn't get to meet Jillian Tamaki, whose work I ADORE. I wanted to give her a copy of the Superhero Girl book (she does these funny Magical Mutant Academy comics, so I thought she might like SHG), but by the time I got to visit downstairs, I'd sold out. BAH AGAIN. Next time, I guess.
-Saturday was so busy I opted to stay at my table rather than attend the Natsumi Ono panel, which I had tickets for. Oh well.

What I bought:
Not much, actually! My big purchase was a French comic called Pierrot Lunaire by Antonie Dode, who I'd never heard of before, but he has the most gorgeous style. Wish I could read French... I also swapped for Hereville by Barry Deutsch (haven't read it yet), who was very nice, and Galaxion vols 1 & 2 by Tara Tallan, which I read last night and really enjoyed. I also dug up a copy of 7 Billion Needles vol 2 at BMV Books after the show and LOVED it. It's like ... heartwarming, character-driven horror? I don't know how else to describe it, but it's amazing. It's only 4 volumes, so I think I'll have to grab the rest of that series. I also enjoyed the School of World minicomic by Megan Brennan and Rel. Really funny stuff. Also bought the Wolves minicomic from Becky Cloonan, which once again made me wish she wrote more of her own stuff... I like her self-written comics best.


I didn't fully appreciate how lucky I was that Sharmie was able to buy me a copy of SHG, so now I'm extra-glad I got one! (Please see my FB message to you for more details!)