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Oh my, it has been a while since my last blog, hasn't it? I kind of figured this would happen: work has descended on me in earnest, and I haven't had much motivation to post. My newspaper/webcomic The Adventures of Superhero Girl is still ongoing weekly, so by all means check that out. I should probably try and do some weekly sketchposts here or get a tumblr, because I have lots of unscanned artwork just sitting around ... and I feel like I should be showing it to people or something. But work is so ... there is so much of it and when I do have free time I want to use it to stare vacantly into spaaaaaace. Anyway.

But I did just have a very nice weekend in Moncton, New Brunswick as a guest at Animaritime, and wanted to write about it. It was my very first anime convention, although not my first time as a guest (the very first comic book convention I ever went to, back in 2007, I was a guest at as well), and I had a lot of fun. I hope they have me back next year.

One thing that was really nice about this small convention is the more laid back atmosphere (and the fact that I'd had my travel costs covered by the convention) meant I got to experience it a little more, actually attend a couple panels and do some shopping, rather than constantly be glued to my table trying to sell my stuff. I really enjoyed the 'State of the Manga Industry' (I'm paraphrasing, I can't remember what the panel was actually called) panel and Manga Licensing panel they had on Saturday, where I got to hear about the industry from Vertical Inc's Ed Chavez. I'm a recent reader of manga, and while I enjoy consuming it, I'm not familiar with the innerworkings of the industry, so it was very nice to get to talk to someone who knew what the industry's like. And I would like to say DEAR GOD I think I work hard? I have nothing on manga artists. Anyway. Have some pictures:

My very own fruit plate! How nice was it to have this when I checked into the hotel? Very nice! I took a picture then ate it all (for reals).

The convention ran from Friday (July 1st) to Sunday (July 3rd), and since Friday was Canada Day and a holiday, it was packed. Pretty much everyone was elbow to elbow.

Cutest Pokemon trainer ever! Addison is the daughter of Cal, who runs my amazing local comic store, Strange Adventures.

I was pretty excited to see this girl. I took a picture of her with her helmet up too.

And she found Ed! How nice. Oh, during the opening ceremonies for the convention I was asked to say a few words about my panels (I was running a How to Become a Profession Comic Book Person panel as well as one about Zombies Calling), and after rambling a bit, I spluttered "you all look adorable!" at the watching crowd, which was about 90% cosplay. But they all were pretty cute. If occasionally very loud and ... well, enthusiastic. :D

All the FMA cosplay I saw was for the male characters. I guess nobody had the rack to pull off Oliver Armstrong (seriously I would love to see that).

This guy looked like he'd come directly from Afghanistan. SNAAAAAKE!

Hella impressive. How would you even make that? I dunno.

This girl was also a really good artist to boot. I bought a little Princess Peach drawing from her. Here's her tumblr.

So sometimes people paid me money and I drawed them things.

An original character. Nice artist, too.

Hah, okay, a girl commissioned a drawing of "Envy and Wrath" from FMA. Of course I was happy to oblige. What she didn't specify was that she wanted Wrath from the original anime, not the manga/reboot anime. D'oh. Anyway, I like this picture and got a photocopy of it, so hopefully I'll colour it, eventually.

More original characters.

So I bought stuff!

My favourite thing was a gift from one of the Animaritime staff. There was pretty much NO FMA merchandise at the show, which disappointed me greatly. I really wanted to buy a toy! I found a keychain, which is okay, but ... it's not a toy. Anyway, I was thrilled with these. Aren't they cute? I love 'em.

Yeah, can you believe I didn't actually have FMA volume 1? Picked it up for cheap (also the FMA, original anime movie, which I enjoyed despite having no idea what was going on. The fight scenes were nice, even if the story was kind of insane). The rest was used manga I also got for cheap, and am happy to have (I kind of love Swan, it is the ultimate badass girly manga) because manga is pretty awesome and I love it.

So thanks again to Animaritime for having me out!


Nice haul! I found Voices of a Distant Star to be surprisingly good. Which volume of Cyborg 009 is that? I only ever managed to get #1 (envy, envy...)
Yeah, I liked Voices of a Distant Star. Nice, moody done-in-one manga.

Cyborg 009 is vol 4. I've no idea what it is, but it was part of a 2 for 1 deal and the art looked interesting.
The FMA toys were described to me as "ugly", but I think they're really awesome. Not ugly at all! Slightly deformed, but still adorable. But I am kind of a sucker for most things FMA...
The FMA movie is super confusing, even if you watched the original anime series.
I think they just made it to confuse everybody. Like most anime movies.
lol, I will take your word for that. I was unimpressed with the Nazi stuff. It felt like they just stuck that in there because Hitler makes a great villain or something. Everyone loves Nazis (as villains)!

In Montréal?

Will you ever come, sometime, in Montréal?

I wish so much to see you come in an event in Montréal.

Re: In Montréal?

Well, are there any comic book conventions worth going to in Montreal? I'm not familiar with the geek scene there.
hey! i love your art ^^
I was staff at the con, but I don't think we actually had time to meet.

Also hope you don't mind I added you on lj :)

Kaoru Mori!

Ooooh, I just picked up the first 6 volumes of Emma from the library and I can't wait to tear through them. :D

Love the wonderful fluffy cape on that first commission!