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FRIENDS WITH BOYS goes ONLINE!!!! Please spread the word!

I have some pretty amazing news: My next graphic novel, Friends With Boys, due out from First Second Books in February 2012, will be going ONLINE from now until its publication date! How awesome is that?

Here is the information: The comic now has its own website (design by my talented friend Lissa Pattillo, you should hire her), and will be updating five times a week (every weekday) with a page of Faith comic goodness. I will be blogging along with (most of) the updates, giving you lovely readers the inside scoop of what my process was during the making of this graphic novel, so I hope you will comment and give me your thoughts on the comic. I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED that First Second is letting me do this. There has been a lot of talk lately about the evolution of print, and what the future of comics will be, and I'm really happy that I'm getting the chance to reach out to possibly a wider audience through the internet.

I truly believe I would not be drawing comics if it wasn't for the internet. It's unlikely I would have developed the technical drawing skills without being encouraged by my online comic readers, and unlikely I would be in my current position as a full time freelance cartoonist (after all, the internet is where First Second found me, and my relationship with them allowed me to graduate to full time cartoonist).

There has been much discussion lately (and always!) about the role of the internet in people's ability to make a living wage through their art and whether or not work is being devalued by so much of it being free. While I agree there are people out there who will consume and would never give anything back to those whose work they enjoy, I believe there are enough people who value art and comics and the work artists put into their comics and who are willing to pay for something tangible in order that those artists can pay their rent. I believe that if Friends With Boys goes online (for free! in all of its entirety!) it will reach a wider audience, who I hope will enjoy it enough that when the book is published, they will buy it in support of me and my publisher. Not every online reader will buy the book, but I'm sure enough will.

When I first started reading comics, really reading comics, comics that I felt were made for me (a school-age girl), they were online comics. I didn't have a comic book store to go to, nor did I have friends who were into comics. I had no connection to the comic book industry. But I had a computer, and I could access the internet, and there were comics on the internet. These comics were made by a diverse group of cartoonists, and (at the time) most were done "for fun." Reading online comics gave me new perspective on comics, and showed me what was possible for the medium, beyond the superhero genre. Later, as my tastes evolved and I gained disposable income, I became a comic consumer. I do not think I would be the hearty purchaser of comics if it wasn't for the online comics I read while in school.

Not everyone is blessed with a good comic book store down the road from where they live. Not everyone has an awesome library system or a decent bookstore with more than Watchmen and Maus for sale. But pretty much everyone has the internet, and I believe Friends With Boys will reach a wider audience if it goes online before it's published. I hope. I really really hope so (this is the part where I get nervous, as there is a little more at stake here than when I decided to put Superhero Girl online)!

So please, help the comic reach that audience. Please pass the link on to your friends, please retweet it on twitter, like it on Facebook, do whatever it is you're supposed to do on Tumblr. I really wanted this comic to go online because I enjoy the internet, the immediacy of the interaction with readers, something that you don't necessarily have with print. I still meet people at conventions who ask if Demonology 101 will ever see print (you are adorable and I love you, but never), bug me about Ice being updated (sorry sorry sorry sorry) and say how much they enjoyed my Wolverine Goes Grocery Shopping comic. And then they buy books from me. It's pretty wonderful.

So please, readers, help me do this. Here's the link. Send it to whoever you know loves comics. I hope you enjoy it.


This is fantastic news, thank you for sharing! I'm deeply looking forward to this!
COOLNESS! Bravo to :01 for showing faith in its readership and being willing to take this risk! I'm dashing off to read it online now, and I will be buying it when it hits stores.
Yeah, First Second is pretty cool like that. :)
Oh my goodness YES! As someone who has been reading since D101 days (and definitely asked you about a print version once upon a once), and has bought all of your books... I am so excited to see you back in the world of webcomics... twice over! I will gleefully spread the word, and absolutely buy the eventual version! So incredibly excited. :D

Hurrah! Thanks for the support. So many former D101 readers have come out of the woodwork... it's pretty great!
This is amazing, and I will totally buy a copy when it comes out. :D
Great project & approach towards the web/ print divide. I know I'll be both following the website and picking up the book, and will encourage others to do the same.
Hear hear about the webcomic thing! I'm out of high school now, but still the comics that most appeal to me, I find online. However, if I'd find your comics in a local shop, I'd definitely buy them! (Haven't yet been able to since I'm in the Netherlands and they're not sold in many stores here, as far as I know. Did talk to a comic store owner about the zombie book, which was unfortunately sold out and he wasn't ordering new ones any time soon... but he did say "you kidding me? It had zombies, of course I got it." ;) )
Yes, exactly. And I'm looking forward to pointing out all the dumb inside jokes I put in the comic as well. ^^


Seeing a new comic from you has just made my day. I loved D101 so much, and have been following your art on DA ever since. I completely agree on the comics online thing: I'm not a comic-store-frequenter, I read online, and buy online, when something's touched me and I want to (and can) give back. I can't wait to read this as it grows! As always, thank your for sharing and best of luck with the new endeavour.

Re: Fabulous!

Yeah, it's a pity it's so complicated, getting comics into the hands of readers. Good comic book stores are few and far between, and while bookstores have certainly gotten better about stocking comics, they don't have the shelf space to stock everything. The internet can really help to bridge that gap, getting comics into the hands of readers.
Hey Faith,
I'm currently in my last year of art school and I'm writing my bachelor thesis on the relationship between writing and creating (visual) art. I was wondering if I could perhaps do a (short) interview with you about how this relationship works for you? We would have to do it by email since I'm on the other side of the Atlantic.
I really hope you are willing to consider it! I'd be very grateful :)

Somorgujo magazine

Hello! We are a Mexican literature and art magazine created by a group of graduate students from the Universidad Veracruzana (Xalapa, Veracruz, Mex.). We started this independant project three years ago and so far we are doing well in our publishing. For this coming number we got Eric Drooker for our cover page, thanks to we met him at the Hay Festival 2011 celebrated here in Xalapa. We have seen your artwork and we love it. We know maybe this may be a little daring but we would love to have one of your drawings in our cover page. In case you decide to give us a chance, you can find us on facebook SomorgujoRv, and our mail is somorgujorv@gmail.com . Thank you very much. Hope you have a great day.
I know this is completely off topic from your post, but I wasnt sure where else to ask you. I've been reading D101 and I finishes episode 2, but it wont let me see episode 3 and wont let me see episode 2 anymore either. Is there any other way I can see your comics? It's just the pdf ones im having difficulties with. PLEASE REPLY?
Hey Faith!

I've been acquainting myself more and more with your work and have actually become a fan. After seeing your Demonology 101 stuff today (to gauge your artistic progress from a point of reference) I was really inspired. I'm proud to own every book you've illustrated in either Kindle form or paperback and I'm creating a link to your site so that high school art students can check your stuff out. Do you have a "store" where fans like us can buy original ink or watercolor sketches? Just curious.