And Then Canada Exploded

a comic centric blog by faith erin hicks, a cartoonist-type

Faith Erin Hicks, Girl Reporter
29 September
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My name's Faith and I write and draw comics (allegedly this makes me a "cartoonist"). I've drawn (literally) about a million pages of comics, some online, some published. Currently I'm writing and drawing my third graphic novel for First Second Books (previously I wrote/drew FRIENDS WITH BOYS, which will be published in early 2012, and drew BRAIN CAMP, which was written by Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan, and published in 2010). You can find information about my work on my website.

This is my blog where I ramble on about things that interest me, namely comics, work, television, books, comics, the abnormally large seagulls of Halifax, pretty boys, comics, and comics. Anonymous commenting is allowed, so feel free to leave a note even if you don't have an LJ (I'm also quicker to respond to comments here than emails; I'm bad with email). Thanks for reading!